And Yet Another Payson Aurora

on October 28th, 2003

Updated 10/30/03

The sun put on another amazing performance in the past week, a huge sunspot group threw a gigantic CME from an X17 flare off the surface and squarely earth directed. The Kp blasted to over 9, and saturated the satellite detectors with its power. In Arizona, the first hours of the impact during about 2am onward made the entire northern sky glow bright pink, with deep red patches pulsating on and off. Here is the series of images we took that morning, all on Supra 400, with a Pentax K1000 and 28mm lens at f/2.8. Exposure times were all 10 minutes.

Click on the thumbnails for a 800x600 view

Self Portrait

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Chris Schur

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