A New All Sky Camera for

35mm and Digital Photography

Updated 2/26/02

With the advent in recent times of photographic quality digital printers such as my Epson 1270, the old color enlarger was gathering dust in the closet, never to see the light again. Here I am presenting my new All Sky Camera, made with everything but the optical head of the enlarger and resurrecting it to a new productive life. After the head was removed, a small clamp type pan head was installed on the sliding bar, and a 35mm camera could be attached directly over the center of the mirror. The "mirror" is a high quality automobile hubcap bought at a parts store, selected for best quality and no orange peel effect. Since it is first surface, the images are actually quite good, and the entire sky can be photographed in one shot. A sample shot, taken with my Nikon 995 digital camera is below, and with the focus preset for what is the focal point of the mirror - about the surface of the white base, images are reasonably sharp. More to come on a dark starry night!


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Chris Schur

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