Photographing another Payson Aurora

on October 21st, 2003

Updated 10/23/03

Once again, the night sky glowed an eerie ruby red in the north, alit from the intense bombardment of protons in the upper atmosphere from a solar outburst. This one from a huge coronal hole in the Suns photosphere, and the Kp index soared for over 20 minutes to 6.0 or so. We shot these images at the moment of highest Kp, in hopes of getting this photo/visual display. This is a pretty low Kp for seeing aurora in Arizona, but this proves it is possible. We observed the ruddy glow visually as well as moving red patches below the dipper and Polaris. There are 4 reasons we are successful from our latitude in getting these events on film:

1. Always shoot when the Kp is over 6

2. We are over a mile in elevation, and the skies are very transparent.

3. There is no city north of us which causes a light dome.

4. The aurora here is nearly always red, with green streamers superimposed on occasion, so we use primarily a red sensitive emulsion - Either Kodak PJ400 or Supra 400.

Select an image size for a larger view: 800 x 600

Select an image size for a larger view: 800 x 600

Select an image size for a larger view: 800 x 600

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Chris Schur

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