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To produce these images, three or four sky fog limited exposures with my 8" f/1.5 schmidt camera were taken on unhypered film. My sky is not very dark, and to get images of the required density and detail, combining multiple exposures into one final image was essential. On most nights, the zodiacal light was quite easy, but the gegenschein was difficult. Despite the handicap of such bright skies, I consider the following images encouraging for use of this new film.

Image 1

NGC1499 - The California Nebula. Four images were taken, two pairs were blended, then the pairs multiplied to form this composite.

Image 2

IC405 region in Auriga - Same method as the California nebula.

Image 3

Barnards loop to the Horsehead nebula in Orion - Same method as the Californian Nebula.

Image 4

IC2087 in Taurus - Dark nebula complex. Three images combined by blending and multiplying.

Image 5

IC2118 The Witch Head Neblua in Eridanus - Four images combined like the Californian Nebula shot.

Image 6

M35 Region nebulosities - NGC2174 in Orion is at bottom, and the supernova remanent IC443 in Gemini above center to the left of Eta Geminorium. The red nebula to the upper left is IC444. Four images combined.

Image 7

The Rosette Nebula - OK, youve seen lots of these, but have you ever noticed the other object in the field? Look for the huge ring of nebulosity connected to the upper left edge of the Rosette. It is a supernova remanent recorded as a tattered ring here. Four images combined here.

Image 8

The Orion Nebulosity Complex - Four images combined, The streamers to the right actually connect up with the Horsehead nebula region.

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