More Lunar Close-ups - 3

Updated 8/12/01

This image was taken with my 12.5" f/5 Newtonian with a Televue 2x Big Barlow with my ST7E CCD. The Tracking mount is an Astrophysics AP1200, and my location is in central Arizona near the town of Payson.

Theophilus Crater Region

Details of above image: The large prominent crater is Theophilus, with Madler to its lower left. The round sea to the left is Mare Nectaris, which is filled with tiny craters and ghost craters. Isidorus is the central crater to the lower left, with the keyhole pair inside. Note the low mountians and dome like structures to its upper right. The large ghost crater at the center bottom is Torrecelli-n, but the keyhole crater inside is Torrecelli. Theophilus is 100km in diameter and its walls rise 1.2 km over its surroundings. It is quite deep, at 3.2km below the surrounding terrain. Theophilus is also the reported spot for many TLP's, transient Lunar phenomenon - such as red glows and misty patches.

This image was processed by deconvolution with AIP Van Cittert 10 times with a radius of 3.2 pixels, and gamma adjusted for photo realistic appearance. Note the extremely fine craterlets and ghost craters. Compare this to the starting original RAW image to see the results of careful processing.

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