Sun in Hydrogen Alpha

With Coronado PST

Uploaded 7/19/05

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 The sun was utterly blank in white light today, however there were some very nice prominences on the limb, and a few filaments on the disk. We used to never view the sun when it was solar minimum, but now we go out and check it at least once each day.

Processing: Disk is normally exposed image of green channel only. Color with S. Walkers proprietary colonization method. Prominences is red channel exposed -2, red channel only. Still only one frame for disk, will try to average many next time!

Instrument: Coronado PST 40mm Platform: Bogen Tripod Camera: Sony P10 Exposure: Auto 0, -2 Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Elevation: 1000 ft. Sky: Seeing 6/10, Transparency 8/10 Outside Temperature: 100F Processing: Photoshop CS2 HOME SCHMIDT GALAXIES EMISSION NEBS REFLECTION NEBS COMETS GLOBULARS OPEN CLUST PLANETARIES LINKS 


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