Updated 12/3/17

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The Pelican Neb - Test with six inch f/3.6 9/14/16
NGC7000 Gulf of Mexico Region 10" f/3.6

M17 Swan Nebula with 8" f/3.9 Astrograph in Happy Jack 7/16/16
M20/21 Trifid with 8" f/3.9 Astrograph in Happy Jack 7/16/16
Lagoon Nebula with 10" f/3.9 Astrograph 7/3/16
Eagle Nebula with 10" f/3.9 Astrograph 7/10/16
NGC2174 in Orion 2/9/16
Horsehead Final test with new 10 inch 2/8/16
IC417 flat field box test 2/2/16
Horsehead speed test with new 10 inch 1/31/16
Crab Nebula in Polarized Light 1/15/11
NGC2244 in Monoceros 4/23/11
Sharpless 302 in Puppis 4/30/11
Test shot with the AR152 3/15/12
Cocoon Nebula in Cygnus New 12 inch commissioning shot 9/20/12
The Horse head 2/7/11
NGC1491 in Perseus 11/26/10
NGC1579 in Perseus 12/10/10
NGC1931 in Auriga 12/28/10
The Dividing Cell Nebula in Cygnus 10/18/09
The Eagle Zoomify version 9/27/09
The Eagle/Star Queen Nebula in Serpens 8/23/09
The Swan Nebula in Scutum 8/16/09
The Crab Nebula Enhanced Hydrogen Comparison 1/20/09
NGC281 in Cass 12/21/08
Mel 15 Cluster with Nebulosity 12/6/08
NGC7538 in Cepheus 10/11/08
NGC6914 in Cygnus 9/28/08
NGC2174 in Orion 1/24/07
NGC6910 in Cygnus 10/16/06
Gamma Cygni in RED light from Happy Jack
NGC7000 Third test image with SV80s
NGC281 first shot with SV80s and ST10xme
NGC7380 and Sharpless 2-142 9/26/06
The Eagle Nebula 8/06
The Waterfall and Chevron Nebulas in Orion
VDB38 in Orion 2/26/06
Sharpless 112
Sharpless 2-235 in Auriga
Sharpless 2-235 in Auriga
IC59 in Cass
Sharpless 2-242 in Taurus
Crab Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha
IC410 Complex in Auriga
IC405 In Auriga
NGC1491 in Perseus
Inner regions of M42
NGC2359 The Duck Nebula
Taurus Region from Happy Jack
Orion from Happy Jack
The Orion Nebula 1 min exposure - 10D
NGC1931 In Auriga with CCD
NGC2467 in Puppis
NGC2024 with AstroDons
Sword of Orion with 10D
IC5146 in Cygnus
Trifid with ST10xme

M42 Lavender arms
Orion Nebula Close up details
  M43 Nebula in Orion
  HH222 The Waterfall Nebula
  M1 in Polarized Light
  The Cone Nebula
The Trifid Nebula
NGC6823 Emission in Vulpecula
RRGB & BRGB Trifid mosiac
NGC6914 Complex
The Heart of the Lagoon Nebula 
IC5067 The Pelican Nebula
Sharpless 2-101 in Cygnus
Anonymous Nebula in Cygnus 
CR26 & IC1805


Konica 400 Prime focus


NGC1579 in Perseus


NGC6888 The Crescent


The Lagoon Nebula on Supra


NGC6820 in Vulpecula
NGC2359 Thors Helmet Nebula
Deep M17
M1The Crab Nebula in Taurus
NGC7538 Emission in Cepheus
M1 The Crab Nebula SNR in Taurus
NGC1579 Emission Nebula in Perseus
The Horsehead Dark Neb in Orion
 Swan Nebula M17 In Sagittarius

 IC5146 in Cygnus
NGC7635 Bubble Nebula
Horsehead Nebula 2 In Orion
NGC1491 Emission Neb in Perseus

IC5146 The Cocoon Nebula

 M16 Star Queen
NGC6888 Wolf Rayet Bubble
Sharpless 2-188 Planetary in Cass
NGC1931 Combination Neb in Auriga
NGC1624 in Perseus

IC443 - SNR in Gemini
M1 Crab Nebula
Sh2-168 in Cass
NGC1579 in Perseus
IC63 Nebula in Cassiopiea
S2-155 in Cepheus
NGC7538 in Ceph