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Antares Nebula SV80s
VDB24 in Perseus 11/28/10
 M78 Reflection Neb in Orion
Bizarre IC423in Orion
NGC7023 11/28/06
  Hubbles Variable Nebula Reflection Neb in Monoceros
  IC426 Relfection neb in Orion
NGC1999 and HH1&2 Unusual Nebs in Orion
  Hubbles Variable In Monoceros
V838 Light Echo in Mon
Hinds Variable Nebula


M78 and NGC2071 In Orion


IC2087 in Taurus


NGC1973-77 in Orion


NGC1435 in Taurus
V838 one year later
NGC7133 Reflection Neb in Cehpeus
IC426 in Orion
M78 and the Hand Saw Nebula in Orion


NGC1973-77 with 10D


The Merope Nebula II 30 mins - 10D
NGC1788 Reflection in Orion
  LBN487 Reflection Neb in Ceph


IC349/NGC1435 Reflection neb in Tau

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