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Jones 1 Planetary in Pegasus 10/28/16


The Helix Nebula with 8" from Happy Jack 9/24/16


Abell 70 in Sct. 9/8/16


M97 / M108 Panorama 4/15/16


NGC6543 in Draco 6/14/09


The Helix Nebula 11/01/09


M1-64 Planetary in Lyra


PK221+461 in Leo 4/5/08
NGC6712 & IC1295 Globular & Dim Planetary in Scutum
My deepest M76 Yet 11/19/06
Abell 24 in Canis Minor
Abell 21 - Medusa Neb in Gemini 3/02/06


PK221+461 in Leo
NGC6826 in Cygnus


IC2003 in Perseus
M27 - 8 hour exposure
NGC1535 in Eri
Abell 4 in Perseus
M97 The Owl Nebula
M1-64 Planetary in Lyra
NGC6302 The Bug Nebula


M57 in Hydrogen Alpha 


Baade1 in Taurus
M46 and NGC2438

IC2120 Nebula in Auriga
IC289 - Hubble 1 in Cass
NGC7662 Blue Snowball Neb
 NGC7008 in Cygnus
NGC6818 Green Mars Nebula
NGC40 in Cepheus
NGC7048 in Cygnus
NGC1514 in Taurus
NGC6781 PN in Aquilla
M57 & IC1296 in Lyra
M76 - The Little Dumbell in Perseus 
M97 in UMa
M27 Dumbell Neb in Vulpecula
NGC6210 Green Gem in Herc
M76 in Perseus
  NGC2371-2 in Gemini
Abell 21 Huge Planetary in Gemini
NGC2392 The Eskimo Nebla in Gemini
Abell 12 in Orion
PK164+31.1 Giant in Lynx
  NGC2438 in Puppis
Abell 39 in Hercules 
M27 DEEP Dumbbell 
NGC6543 In Draco 

NGC7293 in Aquarius 11/2/08

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