Sky testing Kodak Max Versatility Plus

Color Negative film (ASA800)

Uploaded 6/10/03

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 Standard Daytime shot of the observatory in
Happy Jack with this film.  The greens appear 
to be a bit intense, but the reds are correct.


800x600 1200x1024
 Lagoon and Trifid region - 8 minutes exposure
135mm f/4 Super Taukamar Pentax lens, Piggy
backed on Schmidt camera.


800x600 1200x1024
 Same frame - 16 minutes of exposure.  Proving
the film continues to record at twice the exposure,
The dense neg and deep image suggests a very
good film for prime focus work for novice and new
astro imagers.


800x600 1200x1024
 Scorpius - 8 minutes.  The green
band on the horizon is airglow, not skyfog.  50mm
f/2.8 lens.


800x600 1200x1024
 Lagoon up through M24 at center, up to M16 and
M17.  Nice deep shot in only 16 minutes.  
135mm f/4 Super Taukamar Pentax lens, Piggy
backed on Schmidt camera

Final Notes on tests.

The spectral curves published by Kodak on this emulsion show a very strong peak at 650nm, very close to that of Hydrogen Alpha emissions. The goal of these tests was to prove if there was any meaning to these curves as far as sky photography is concerned. As seen , especially in the bottom frame the sensitivity is very much there, and the colors and contrast are excellent. Although the film is not quite as contrasty in Ha as such films as E200 or Provia 400, it is a negative film with 2 stops more dynamic range and an impressive speed to grain ratio. The key seems to be the ratio to the other two peaks. In this case, the red layer peak is the same height as the G and B layers, and the contrast is normal. In E200, and Supra 400 by comparison, the red peak is higher than the other two. None the less, the performance of this film along with its speed is very noteworthy. The grain is not miniscule, but acceptable in light of the very fast nature of t his film for sky shooting. It is perfect for new skyshooters to test their equipment, and hone their skills for someday more advanced shooting. Below is a tally of exposure times at a dark site for this film with different focal ratios:

Focal Ratio / Exposure time (mins)

2.8 / 8m

4 / 16m

5.6 / 32m

6.3 / 64m



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