Konica Centuria Super 400

Second Phase of film testing - Tracked wide to telephoto lenses

Uploaded 6/20/04

Adorama Film
Happy Jack

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This series of film tests were under very dark (Happy Jack) and moderately dark (Payson) skies and were processed in a professional lab, scanned with a Nikon LS2000 scanner, and processed in Photoshop 7. They typify what one might get under good to ideal conditions with this new film. This is the film that is widely available at mail order houses such as B&H, and Adorama.

Testing Procedures:

Multiple rolls were exposed on a tracking mount on various fields in the sky, including star clouds, both red and blue nebula, and star clusters. A range of focal lengths were used, from a wide 28mm to a longer 135mm.

Photographic Results:

While the film has a strong peak at 650nm which would be great for Ha nebs, a strong green peak the same height causes problems with color balance and light pollution, and tends to wash out the really faint dim red nebulosities. Grain is acceptable, but the quality control of this product is terrible. Several rolls were fogged from leaking cartridges right of out the box, and rolls shot simultaneously had very different colors and sky backgrounds from roll to roll variation. Overall, the results with the telephotos were disappointing, the strong greens and strangely blue tinted bright stars made for some amusing images. Most of the negatives had a strong magenta cast, yielding a greenish background color to the uncorrected images.

Upcoming results: Shots with a prime focus setup with my 12.5 inch Newtonian were surprisingly better, and will be highlighted in a few days.

 Scorpius from Payson - 50mm f/3.5, 15 mins

 Antares/Rho Ophiuchi - 135mm f/3.5, 30 mins

 Stinger of Scorpius - 135mm f/3.5, 15 mins

 Lagoon to M24 - 50mm f/3.5, 15 mins

 Sagittarius/Pipe neb - 50mm f/3.5 15 mins

  Lagoon to M24 - 50mm f/3.5, 30 mins

 Cygnus - 50mm f/3.5 15 mins

 Lagoon/Trifid - 135mm f/3.5, 15 mins

 Gamma Cygni (light fog) - 135mm f/3.5, 15 mins

 Deneb regions (light fog) - 135mm f/3.5, 15m

Instruments:  Pentax K1000 with 28mm f/2.8, 50mm f/2.8, 135mm f/2.5
Platform:  Televue GEM
Film:  Konica Cneturia Super 400
Exposure:  15 - 30m
Filters:  NONE
Location:  Happy Jack & Payson, Arizona
Elevation:  6800/5150 ft.
Sky:  Seeing 8/10, Transparency 7/10
Outside Temperature:  20 C
Processing: Photoshop


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