Zeta Orionis Nebulosity Complex in Orion

Uploaded 4/2/08

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 Just above center in this image is the 1.9 magnitude star Zeta Orionis, the left most belt star in Orion. Just below the deep red strip of nebulosity is IC434, which has one of the highest ratios of Hbeta to Halpha in a nebula in the sky. The dark notch in this nebula is the famed Horse Head Nebula, or Barnard 33, and elusive object that causes visual observers much frustration because it is so difficult to see.

To the upper right of Zeta an oddly colored nebula with a dark band running down its center is NGC2024, the "tank tracks" nebula. It has a very large ratio of dust to gas, and us usually not helped by nebular fitlers because of this balance. Look carefully and you can see some of the dust on its outer fringes lighting up blue. Several smaller blue reflection nebula appear in this field South of zeta, being reflection nebula surrounding hot blue stars.

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