The Flame Nebula Emission and reflection nebulosities in Orion

Uploaded 1/16/10

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 This unusual combination of dust, and emission nebulosity yields a distinct orange flame like coloration to this deep sky object. The base nebula lies underneath many dark lanes of dust and gas, and is illuminated by the brilliant naked eye star Zeta Orionis to the lower left, which is the left most belt star of Orion.

This nebula, known as NGC2024 is over half a degree in size and is part of the giant Orion complex of molecular clouds.

Instrument: 12.5" f/5 Home built Newtonian Platform: Astrophysics AP1200 Camera: Hutech Modified Canon XTi @ ISO1600 Exposure: 21x5m = 115m Filters: Hutech type 1 pass Location: Payson, Arizona Elevation: 5150 ft. Sky: Seeing 7/10, Transparency 8/10 Outside Temperature: 40F Processing Tools: Photoshop CS2, Maxim DSLR HOME GALAXIES EMISSION NEBS REFLECTION NEBS COMETS GLOBULARS OPEN CLUST PLANETARIES LINKS