Comet ISON in the Morning Sky September 16, 2013

Uploaded 9/18/13

 Currently at mag 12.5, this brightening comet is on its way in to the inner solar system, for a very close encounter with the Sun on November 25th. The maximum brightness is questionable at this time, some predict naked eye brightness, others around magnitude 8 which is probably more realistic until perihelion.

The comet is very low in the east right now, barely clearing the trees and east wall of the observatory in Payson. When I started this exposure, half the aperture was occulted by the wall. Sunrise was coming and we continued shooting until just past 5am, where the sky becomes too bright from twilight.

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Lens: 12.5" f/5 Home bult Newtonian Platform: Astrophysics AP1200 Exposure: 25m Location: Payson, Arizona Elevation: 5150 ft. Sky: Seeing 7/10, Transparency 7/10 Outside Temperature: 55F Processing Tools: Maxim DL, Photoshop CS2 HOME GALAXIES EMISSION NEBS REFLECTION NEBS COMETS GLOBULARS OPEN CLUST PLANETARIES LINKS