Geminid Meteors 2010

Updated 12/18/10

 The Geminids this year peaked on the night of December 13th, and all were recorded after midnight after the half moon set. Around 2am on the morning of the 14th seemed to be the photographic peak. A total of 10 meteors were recorded on the two nights, using the robotic barn door mount exposing continuously from twilight to twilight accumulating 90 exposures with the Sigma Fish eye lens.

While the fish eye lens, which is an 8mm f/4 setup here is sharp, it has some residual chromatic aberration around the edges. Still, it gives sharp stars across its field, but only a 2mm effective aperture! This is why only the most brilliant meteors are recorded.

December 12 - 13 images Click for an enlarged View of 1290 x 960
No meteors here, but a cool shot of the moon and Jupiter just above it.
Meteor 1 - moon still up making sky blue in many shots you will see here
Meteor 1 crop More like a conventional image
December 13 - 14 images Click for an enlarged View of 1290 x 960
Meteor 2 crop
Meteor 3 crop
Meteor 4 Whole sky view this was the BEST meteor the whole night, around 2am
Meteor 4 crop see the red to green temperature transitions?
Meteor 5 crop
Meteor 6 crop
Meteor 7 whole field see Barnards loop too?
Meteor 7 crop VERY colorful
Meteor 8 crop
Meteor 9 crop
Meteor 10 full field Just a cool shot of the winter Milkyway after the moon set too.
Meteor 10 crop


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