Construction of the new Observatory

in Happy Jack, Arizona

Uploaded 7/7/2002 The Roll Off Framework

July 2002 images

Above: 17 part panorama from the pier. The tallest trees are about 15 degrees high. South is at the little white cloud on the left side. The walls aren't really curved, the effect is from piecing together the montage.

Click on the thumbnails for the 640x480 sized image.

This and the next two views are of the completed structure. The rail beams are 2x6's that are 11 feet long. They are supported by 4x4 posts, about 9 feet tall.

View underneath the rail supports.

End on view showing diagonal struts for stiffening the structure. The roof will only weigh in at less than 200 pounds, so the support is more than adequate.

Connecting the beams with support plates to the posts.

Since the frame work was built first, the posts were exactly leveled and then the concrete forms were put in place. Note the T straps to hold the post to the concrete, and the temporary support bar to hold the post up during the excavation and concrete filling. Post mix was used for this, which comes in 60 pound bags.

Filled with concrete, the forms allow the concrete to be flush with the base of the posts. Later, they will be removed.

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