Construction of the new Observatory

in Happy Jack, Arizona

Uploaded 9/29/2002

Gable Covering, Doors, and Tie Downs

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September 2002 images

Covering the gables with smoke Lexan. This ribbed polycarbonate material is used to both seal the gables and allow a limited amount of light into the structure when closed. Although some "green house effect" does occur, proper ventilation will minimize its effects.

Rear gable covered with Lexan. The rear gable is covered first, each sheet is from 10 foot long pieces that are 26 inches wide and cost about $22 each. Two pieces are needed to cover the back.

Roof Tied down turnbuckes. Crucial to the survivability of a lightweight roof such as this (about 200 pounds) in wind, heavy eye bolts and turbuckes make for a very fast tie down that holds it quite securely.

Lexan installed, roof rolled to maximum South. The roof can roll about 3 feet past flush to the south. A chain stop mechanism prevents it from becoming airborne. Why did I design it this way? For access to the roof gable for maintenance and painting.

Normal roof parked position. The "barn doors" for Schmidt camera clearance when the roof is rolled back are closed here. They are not weather tight yet, but very close.

Inside view of gable doors and latches. On the inside, a bar type swing down latch both secures the doors and adds structural strength to the 3/8 plywood. Also a captive latch on the bottom is backup in the case of high winds.

Gable doors open. In this position, the roof can now be rolled back and clear the mounting.

Interior view of open Gable doors. Weather seals both above the doors and below have not been installed yet.

Starting to install flashing. This is the next and Final step in making the structure rain and snow tight. More on that next time...

Remaining tasks: Weather strip, electrical.

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