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More filter scans and plant material
Uploaded 3/30/14

Here are some more scans with the spectrograph with a 300 lpmm grating, and the DMK31 camera. Zoom was set for about half way to 30mm on the imaging lens so that I could get in the entire visible spectrum at once. To take these, A UV/IR blocker filter was installed and the resulting spectrum centered on the display. Then it was removed, and a Neon lamp was imaged for calibration. This was followed by a shot of the Halogen lamp used to back light the filters and of a white card illuminated by the Halogen lamp - these will be divided into the filter spectrums for a true pass band result.

The white card was scanned for a reference so I could then put a huge handfull of crab grass in the light to get its reflectance spectrum seen below. Finally, the spectrum was shifted such that the visual spectrum was just barely on the left edge and the full span of IR to 1 micron was the full field. The neons IR lines aided in calibration of this set.

Click on small graphs for the full size image!

Halogen lamp used in scans
Meade IR blocker filter to define boundries of visible range (removed for all scans)
Green gel filter in 1.25 holder for visual observing
Hoya R72 Infra red filter visible range only
Hoya R72 Infra red filter IR range only
Orange gel filter in 1.25 holder used for visual observing
Wratten 47 (deep blue)
UV LED flashlight
Green vegitation - crab grass Visual Range. Note the big red blackout, but then in IR it comes on strong. The Hoya R72 will work fine here!
Green vegitation - crab grass Visual Range. Expanded range with IR cut.
Green Vegitation again IR Range only. seems best at around 800 nm.