Comet P2005 R2 Van Ness

Periodic Comet in Triangulum

Uploaded 11/4/05

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 Now here is another dim evening comet, riding high in Triangulum. This 14th magnitude object sports a small tail, seen here pointing westward (left here) from a dim round yellowish coma. The field here is about 3/4 degree wide and shows some very interesting galaxies. To the left are three objects. The upper pair of galaxies seen better in the magnified inset are PGC6818 and PGC6819. Both are very nearly the same brightness and size and in fact these 18th magnitude objects form a pair in space and have been well studied. They belong to the rare class C type, for circular.

Just below it is the brighter PGC6815, which is also a type C galaxy and is 17.8 magnitude. All three are quite yellow in color from intergalactic extinction.

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