Comet Linear A2 with Jets Sprays

Updated 7/17/01

Comet Linear A2 continues to be a rewarding 4.5 magnitude naked eye sight in Pegasus, in the late evening and early morning skies. These two new images were taken with my12.5" f/5 newtonian and an ST7E CCD camera at prime focus from our backyard observatory.

Above: This image is ten one minute exposures combined with the comets nucleus in register to preserve details in the comet. The small gap in the star trails are the 15 second download times for each image into the laptop. A faint ray tail can be seen to the lower left, the entire width of this field is 15 arcmins - 1/4 degree.

Above: Larson-Sekanina filtration using AstroArt. This powerful method brings out the 90 degree fans emanating from the nucleus. the tail is seen to the lower right, and the two jets are seen going to the 1:00 and 7:00 positions from the core. The filter works by rotating the coma around the nucleus and subtracting the result from the original image. This removes all symetrical nebulosity, and leaves the difference image.

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Chris Schur

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