First Can Gripper Arm



Here are a few shot and two movie clips of our first testing of the new can gripper. Since there was simply no room on the front of the robot for an arm because of the high density of sensors, and the front top cant be blocked either because of the beacon sensor and sonar array. We decided to make the arm a U shaped lexan bar, with the gripper in the middle. This allows us to stow the gripper on the robots back when not in use. A more detailed description and more photos of the mechanics will follow in another write up, but for now, here is the current setup. PAAMI is programed with 14 parallel processors, the highest level of arbitration is the new "Grab" processor. It subsumes every other level and for this test, it subsumed the other systems while it grabbed the can, then no longer subsumes when done, and the robot drives off using the lower levels of arbitrated architecture to control the robot. The robot will find the can later by a new sensor array I'm working on now with Sharp distance detectors.
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 Here the gripper is seen in its stowed position, all the way back on the U shaped arm, and the gripper wide open.
  The gripper is partially open in the grab mode, and the arm starts to pivot over the top of all the top sensory arrays.
  With the arm down to the grab position, the gripper is ready to close on the can.
  When the gripper closes, and lever switch closes on the cans surface and tells the robot it really has grabbed the can. IF there is no can, it grabs again and if there is STILL no can, the gripper is stowed and the bot moves on.
  Here we see the can being lifted onto the back of the robot.
  Now stowed on the back of the bot, the robot will now travel to the nearby charger and dump the can in a bin on top of the charger. (Eventually anyway!)
  Frontal view of robot running off with can on its back.
 Movie 1 (800k mpg with SOUND)
 This first small clip shows the arm grabbing a can, lifting it and stowing it. It then drives off.
Movie 2 (1meg mpg with SOUND)
 This second movie shows what happens if the can is not there. It grabs for it twice, looking for a contact switch closure on the gripper. Deciding there is no can, it stows the gripper and drives off.
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