Digital Infrared Gallery

Updated 5/25/15

 Spring is finally here - and the trees, flowers and grass is starting to come back to life after a very long winter. And Im sure your like me in wondering if the deep very dark purple Plum trees which are leafing out now in in Payson are also dark when photographed in the light of infra red. To answer this important question, I went out this afternoon and with Canon 10D in hand and my trusty Hoya R72 infra red filter, sought to answer that very question!

This first shot is at the Payson Library, a fine medium sized nearly black Plum tree. This is in visible light as your eyes would see it:

And the big surprise - in IR, its actually brighter and more brilliant than the surrounding normal green vegitation! And now here are a few more shots in and around the town of Payson in IR. At the lake: Finally, a self portrait, me on the shore of the lake. Looks like snow everywhere but - no, that all green grass and trees viewed in color IR. I am wearing blue jeans and a bright red shirt. My sunglasses on my face are - gulp - transparent in IR. Time for some new sunglasses! Digital Arizona HOME