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Updated 5/25/15

 The unseen infrared world is all around us. Here we are seeing nature in wavelengths beyond the normal range of human vision, a world where vegetation is bone white, skies are nearly black and colors as we see them do not exist. These images were taken with a 77mm Hoya R72 filter and our Canon 10D. Exposures are long, up to ten seconds at a speed of ISO400 because the camera was not designed to pick up infrared light. But time exposures often also reveal a different world as well, recording patterns and streaks of moving objects the eye does not sense. Here we present our growing gallery if IR images of Arizona for you to enjoy.
How the Color Images are done:
]This is the RAW image as it appears right out of the camera.
Next a custom white balance
is applied taken from an image
of the trees themselves. This
is done in the camera during 
the shooting of the scene.
The we do the "Famous" Red/
Blue channel swap.  This makes
the sky and water blue, but
leaves the trees white.
Click on Thumbnails for the 1024 x 768 sized image May 2015 images here!
Shots around Payson in the spring - plum trees? 5/25/15
Latest April 05 Images are here ! All Shots with 17 -40mm L lens, Canon 10D, ASA400 and 8 seconds exposure with 77mm Hoya R72 filter. All Images Taken north of Payson at the East Fork of the Verde River.
Sandstone Cliffs over The Water
Elevated view of River From Flowing Spr. Rd.
Another view from Flowing Spr. Rd.
Looking toward the Mogollon Rim from Flowing Spr. Rd.
Zoom in to the river from Above
Granite Boulders Along the River Bank
Sandstone cliffs and Granite Boulders in creek
Peaceful River 1
Peaceful River 2 Zoom (My favorite shot)
Peaceful River 3
Reeds in River with Sky reflection
Upstream toward Cottonwood
March '05 Color Images
Looking over Strawberry
Zoom - Visible Light
Zoom - IR
Payson Roadcut - Visible
Payson Roadcut - IR
In 6" of snow on Rim - IR
Payson Verde River-Visible
Payson Verde River - IR
Verde Cliffs - Visible
Verde Cliffs - IR
Zoom Cliffs - IR
Verde River - IR
Verde River - IR
Self Portrait at River IR (Not swapped)
First Images with 10D
Front Yard in Payson
Looking Down the Street
Gibbous Moon Rising
Same Moon - Visible Light
Toward the Colorado Plateau from Backyard
Duck Streaks at Park in Payson
Green Grass at Payson Park
Notes and Experiments in IR
IR Images using Ektachrome film chips
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