CCD Images of Skiffs new Planetary nebula in Lyra

Two images taken last night on the first of October of the new nebula near M56. Its exact location is RA 19h 06m 07s Dec +27d 13.0m

These images are with an SBIG 237 CCD camera at prime focus of my 12.5" f/5 newtonian. Exposure times are five minutes and 15 minutes respectively in white light. Next month denser exposures with nebular filters will be tried. the object is 1 arcmin in size and was not visible visually.

This first image is probably the best, and is 5 mins exposure, look for the ghostly ring just to the left of center about half an inch wide just touching the right star of the triangle.

This image is 15 minutes in duration, and goes deeper magnitude wise and has less noise, but seems harder to see the nebula. This shot has the same limiting magnitude as the poss print, about 19.5 or so.

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