Updated 9/20/05

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Frontal Side 1
Frontal Side 2
Bumper side detail
Wheel Gears
Top View
Inside Bumper detail

 In this newest iteration, we have made a huge number of physical changes to the robot, starting with removal of the drive belts and replacing it with a dual gear drive and standard DC gear head motors, left over from the PAAMI project. This runs the robot at 1 foot per second across the floor, a good starting point off of the rechargeable 7.2v battery. I must admit, getting those hacked electric screwdrivers off the robot was quite a relief.

Also new is a new idea I am experimenting with, and adjustable front bumper. Here is how it works: The bumper is hung from a series of struts connected firmly to the front of the robot on rubber spacers with adjustable tension and the lever switches are mounted behind detecting the swinging inward action of the front grid. The bumper is split into two halves, a right and a left seen best in the top view shot. Right now, with the vinyl door knob bumpers, the action is a bit too stiff, and I'm going to put in something a bit more flexible to respond to a more gentle touch. The bumper is constructed out of bent and machined aluminum .09" bar stock. It will be covered later with a softer material as to not scratch furniture.

Since this robot navigates strictly by bumpers, a rear one is going on next, and well detect back impacts when backing up in an escape maneuver. There for the escape action is not ballistic in nature. (Ballistic is a robotic term meaning a timed sequence that has no feedback).

And I had to use some of the black flexible tubing I bought for use on another robot. It houses the sensor cables from front to back. Wouldn't be a complete true robot without flexible ridged hose!

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