Updated 8/18/05

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Top View Showing new wheel configuration
Inside of Wheel with nylon pressure plate and self locking nut
Rear View With motor config, and new back caster wheel
Inside the Controller Box We can see the PIC 16F628 processor and L298 dual H bridge driver

 Movie Clip (100k)

 In this newest iteration, we have moved the wheels forward, and are trying a belt drive system to get the gear reduction on the forward motion with those huge wheels. The rear pulley is from a sliding glass door, and the front pulley is two plates back to back of the kind you put behind the door to keep the doorknob from putting a hole in the wall. The belt in the same tradition is for a sewing machine. Along with the lawn mower wheels, electric screwdriver drive motors, this robot demonstrates the type of mechanical ingenuity essential for the home roboticist.

The next task is sensory, and I am going to try some new types of bumpers for this one. Once the bumpers work fine, then comes constructing the actual FSM that will bring some sort of AI to this beast.

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