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Designing the

Power Rock Scoop

Updated 7/16/06

As the rock scoop goes together, Ill post a few images as we go. The arm is not connected yet to the center of balance on the scoop, and that will be determined after the contact switches are installed. At this point in time, we just finished the main part of the power scoop today, and we powered it up in the back yard and pressed it to the ground - It works! The arm has a huge servo to raise and lower the assembly, but will still need a lift spring to stabilize the load. More to come! Also I've just uploaded a small movie of the Geobot using the odometry and compass to go out 100 feet, turn around and return to base. The mpg movie is here.

Frontal Overview of Arm with Scoop in place Close up detail of the power scoop HOME

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