Testing and optimizing the Front and Rear Bumpers


Here are the latest images of our Priority Arbitration wanna be. The addition of the Arbitration processor is very soon and we can implement the first two levels simultaneously.
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 Rear Bumper assembly. Two plates of lexan allow for rear impact detection on either right or left sides.
 Frontal view, the two plates of lexan cover most of the front on each side, and the U shaped bridges protect the frontal sensors and pivot bolts from a direct impact.
 The top cover is now installed for the first time giving the overall round appearance. It is hinged on the top end with brass tiny hinges.
 The two bumper plates hinge in the middle of each plate on a shaft with a spring tension and a capping nut on the outside. The entire bumper easily tilts on this pivot point and allows the bumpers to press one of eight switches on the front.
 Overall view again. See the first MOVIE (880K) of Pammi moving autonomously with the new bumpers !
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