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Updated 5/15/2004

P.A.A.M.I. Priority Arbitration Architecture Machine Intelligence

Basic Concept

Mechanical Properties

> 14 inches in diamter, with a roughly circular outline for turning maneuverability.

> Construction of clear Lexan, aluminum bar and angle stock, and some plexiglass internal supports.

> Drive Mechanism: Two 12vdc gear motors, approximately 200 RPM.

> 6 to 10 inches tall with full bumper coverage.

> Higher ground clearance with larger tires for better traction and obstacle avoidance.

> Flat top plate for a solar panel.

> Frontal tactile grasper for collection experiments.

> Rear free wheeling ball caster.

> Center of gravity toward rear to use a 3 wheel system.

Electronic Properties

> Power is 12v lead acid type battery, 1 - 4 Ah

> Motors driven independently with PWM PID type drive.

> optical Shaft encoders on each wheel.

> Center Stasis sensor wheel

> LCD display on top, with additional colored LEDs for system status.

> Audio outputs for each level of subsumption


> IR Proximity detectors around periphery

> IR Ranging sensors on front center and on both sides for wall tracking and frontal homing on targets.

>CdS photocells on top for day, night, and sunlight detection.

> CdS photocells on front at angles for light attraction.

> IR homing beacon recivers on front.

> Wheel Odometry sensors

> Frontal sonar sensor for explore, and can seeking mode.

> Gripper aquisition and proximity

> Frontal, and rear full body outline bumpers

PCB Modules

> Prioritised Subsumption paralell architecture, with separate uP for all functions and layers.

> All 5v system, with filter chokes on 12v to motors for isolation.

> Multiple PCBs will be needed for a hardware implemented subsumption, interconnected with ribbon cables or equivelent.

> Power chargeing docking adapter and interface electroics on rear of body.

>LCD display in housing on top, with an LED display module for indicating current subsumption level.

Programming Architecture

> Up to 8 layer Priority Arbitration type subsumption with asynchronous separate modules

> All PIC Processors, ranging from the 12F629 and 12F675 for sensor data aquisition, to 16F628 and 16F72 for the arbitration modules.

> Arbitration modules for the motors, gripper, LCD display, LED display and Audio outputs.

> As is standard for this type of architecture, up to 8 simultaneous parallel processing operations will go on continuously, with a priority

arbitration decoding to drive the actuators.



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