More Drop off Sensor IR images

Updated 3/5/2005

 Here are a few more images of PAAMI's IR avoidance system recorded with a special infrared sensitive camera to show some of the characteristics of the GP2D12 and 120 sensors. This camera shows visible light images with the IR light as bluish white coloration spots.
 While I had the IR camera setup, I shot a frontal view of the robot with the paired IR proximity sensors on. In between the paired IR LEDs, which transmit at 910nm, is the IS417 sensor from sharp.
 Ok, here's the image you have been waiting for, the projected dot from the GP2D12 IR ranging sensors from Sharp. the circle it projects is a razor sharp edged disk, about a quarter inch in diameter at about 5 inches. At a foot, it expands to about half an inch, and by 2 feet, its an inch and more diffuse. The spot you see here with the IR camera is one of the two rear wheel drop off sensors.
 With the lights turned off, You can see on the bottom the four white IR dots on the ground around the robot from the GPD sensors. The two rear dots are for the rear caster wheel drop off sensing and the side dots are the rear set of sensors for each wheel. The other lights all over the robot are status lamps which are normal LEDs transmitting in the visible spectrum.
 Side view with lights out, showing the pair of sensor dots on the ground on each side of the drive wheels. Note they are about an inch outside and set back a bit from the wheels so they can detect the edge before the wheel drives over it.

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