Updated 12/26/08

Welcome to the Geological Formations Section. Here we will give an roster of of the major formations and groups of potentially fossiliferous sedimentary rocks in the state of Arizona. As I go thorugh the journals and current geologcial publications, I will update the listing as needed.


1.  Troy Quartzite

2.  Apache Group

    a.  Mescal Limestone

    b.  Dripping Springs Quartzite

    c.  Pioneer Shale

3.  Mazatzal Quartzite

4.  Maverick Shale

5.  Deadman Quarzite

8.  Grand Canyon Supergroup

    a.  Sixtymile Fm.    

    b.  Chuar Group

       1.  Kwagunt Fm.

          a.  Walcott mbr.

          b.  Awatubi mbr.

          c.  Carbon Butte mbr.

       2.  Galeros Fm.

          a.  Duppa mbr.

          b.  Carbon Canyon mbr.

          c.  Jupiter mbr.

          d.  Tanner mbr.

    c.  Unkar Group

        a.  Dox Fm.

        b.  Shinumo Quartzite

        c.  Hakati Shale

        d.  Bass Limestone

        e.  Hotauta Conglomerate

     d. Nankoweap Fm.

9.  Big Bug Group (Old Alder Series,

     includes some sedimentary)

    a. Texas Gulch Formation


1.  Tonto Group

    a.  Tapeats Sandstone

    b.  Bright Angel Shale

        1. Tincanebits Tongue

        2. Meriwitica Tongue

        3. Floursack Member

    c.  Muav Limestone

        1. Gateway Canyon Member

        2. Havasu Member

        3. Kanab Canyon Member

        4. Peach Springs Member

        5. Rampart Cave Memeber

        6. Sanup Plateau Member

        7. Spencer Canyon Member

2.  Troy Quartzite

3.  Bolsa Quartzite

4.  Abrigo Limestone


1.  Longfellow Limestone

2.  El Paso Limestone

3.  Pogonip Limestone


1.  Martin Limestone (Southern Az.)

    Jerome Formation (Northern Az.)

    a. Beckers Butte member

    b. Lower member

    c. Middle member

    d. Upper member

2.  Morenci Shale

3.  Portal Formation

4.  Martin Formation

5.  Temple Butte Formation

6.  Muddy Peak Limestone


1.  Escabrosa Group

    a. Keating Formation

       1.  Member A

       2.  Member B

    b. Hachita Formation

2.  Modoc Limestone

3.  Tule Spring Limestone

4.  Redwall Limestone

    a. Whitmore Wash Member

    b. Horshshoe Mesa Member

    c. Mooney Falls Member

    d. Thunder Springs Member

5.  Paradise Formation

6.  Black Prince Limestone

7.  Leadville Limestone

8.  Surprise Canyon Fm.


1.  Naco Group

    a.  Horquilla Limestone

    b.  Hermosa Formation

    c.  Paradox Formation

    d.  Lower Supai Formation

2.  Callvill Limestone

3.  Manakacha Formation

4.  Naco Formation

5.  Supai Group

     a.  Watahomigi Formation

     b.  Wescogame Formation

     c.  Manakacha Fm.


1.  Naco Group

    a.  Rain Valley Formation

    b.  Concha Limestone

    c.  Scherrer Formation

    d.  Epitaph Dolomite

    e.  Colina Limestone   

2.  Kaibab Limestone

     a.  Harrisburg mbr. (Old Alpha mbr.)

     b.  Fossil Mountain mbr.  (Old Beta and Gamma mbrs.)

3.  Toroweap Formation

     a.  Woods Ranch mbr.

     b.  Brady Canyon mbr.

     c.  Seligman mbr.

4.  Coconino Sandstone

5.  DeChelly Sandstone

6.  Hermit Shale

7.  Schnebly Hill Formation

    a.  Fort Apache Limestone

    b.  Rancho Rojo member

    c.  Bell Rock member

    d.  Sycamore Pass member

8.  Supai Group

    a.  Esplanade Sandstone

9.  Cutler Formation

    a.  Hoskininni Sandtone

    b.  DeChelly Sandstone

    c.  Organ Rock Tounge

    d.  Cedar Mesa Sandstone

    e.  Halgaito Tounge

10.  Rico-Supai Formation

11. Pakoon Limestone

12. Queantoweap Sanstone


1.  Moenkopi Formation

     a.  Holbrook mbr.

     b.  Moqui mbr.

     c.  Wupatki mbr.

     d.  Timpoweap Limestone

     e.  Virgin Limestone

2.  Chinle Group

    a. The Rock Point Formation

    b. The Owl Rock Formation

    c. Petrified Forest Formation

        a. The Painted Desert Member

        b. The Sonsela Sanstone Member

        c. The Blue Mesa Member

    d. The Monitor Butte member

    e. The Mesa Redondo Member

    f. The Shinarump Formation


3.  Glen Canyon Group

    a.  Wingate Sandstone

    b.  Moenave Formation

    c.  Kayenta Formation

    d.  Navajo Sandstone

4.  San Rafael Group

    a.  Carmel Formation

    b.  Entrada Sandstone

    c.  Page Sandstone

    d.  Summerville Formation

    e.  Bluff Sandstone

    f.  Cow Springs Sandstone

5.  Morrison Formation

6.  Cameron Formation

7.  Kayenta Formation


1.  Bisbee Group

    a.  Cintura Formation

    b.  Mural Limestone

    c.  Morita Formation

    d.  Glance Conglomerate

2.  Dakota Formation (Pinedale to Show Low)

3.  Mancos Shale (Pinedale to Show Low)

4.  Mesa Verde Group

    a.  Toreva Formation

    b.  Wepo Formation

    c.  Yale Point Sandstone


1.  Bouse Wash Formation

2.  Milk Creek Formation

3.  Verde Formation

4.  Payson Basin Formation

5.  Camels Head Formation

6.  Bidahochi Formation

7.  Chuska Sandstone

8.  Datil Formation  

9.  "Clints Well group" Blue Ridge Tertiary

10. Fossil Creek Travertines

11. Houston Mesa Road Travertines

12. Mogollon Rim Formation (includes Rim Gravels)

13. Chalk Canyon Formation

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