Misc. Interesting and Unique fossils from the Permian Fort Apache Limestone East of Payson

Updated  11/30/17

 Here are a few additional fossils we have released from the hundreds of pounds of limestone to see the light of day once again after 280 million years. Here we have a one of a kind of each specimen type that was found after a meticulous examination of loads of acid fines under a stereo microscope.

A tiny Aviculopecten ("Archeo-Scallop")

 Before there were Pectins, there were Aviculopectins. This one is only 6mm in size, and probably would have been ground to a pulp had it not nestled against a packed ball of shell material. A pinhead is seen below in this image.

Full size here.


A Flat branching bryozoan

 Part of what was more than likely a large flat plate like fan, this small specimen was the only one found in over 250 pounds of limestones. That is a pin head next to it for scale.

Full Size here.


A pair of shots of a very unusual tiny 
stellate shaped branching sponge

Underside view showing clearly the internal cavity (squashed a bit) of the main osculum of this branching mini sponge.

Full size here

 Other side view of same sponge. The branching occurs in Y shaped rods.

Full size here

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