Rainbow Waters around Payson

Uploaded 9/25/05

 Here I am demonstrating a newly learned photographic technique, from the latest photographic magazines. This is so cool, you may want to rush out with your own camera and try it! The concept is to you start with three images taken on a tripod of the same scene, with movement such as you might find in water falls, lakes or trees blowing in the wind. Next, in the digital darkroom the red from the first image, green from the second and blue from the third scene are separated out then combined to form a fourth image. This image will look just like the other three except anything that moved between frames will show up as a RGB highlight. I then can combine this image with one of the other three for selected regions, or just leave as is for the complete view. When you see these images, you'll understand more what happens.

Photos below taken at the Tonto Natural Bridge north of Payson, and the last image at the Payson Lake.

 Small Water fall dumping into the main river
 150 foot water fall over the edge into the arch
 Springs dripping water from caves
 Water spray from dripping water from springs
 Placid river scene - Note water ripples and tree shadows on right
 Payson Lake, near our house. Spot selected to optimize sparkles.
Camera: Canon 10D with 17 - 40mmL Platform: Bogen Tripod Exposure: AP Filters: B&W UV Location: Payson area, Az Elevation: 5100 - 5500 ft. Outside Temperature: 80F Processing: Photoshop CS HOME


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