Running the Grand Canyon -

Bright Angel Trail to Phantom and Back

Uploaded 4/15/06

 Here, on this page I am going to take you on a journey through the layers of deep time on a fast run down to the very bottom of the Grand Canyon. This was a practice run for the upcoming Rim to Rim to Rim run in May, and this one covered 22 miles round trip.

Unless you are in excellent physical shape, this run is not recommended! I pass many hikers and wanna be runners on the way back up that thought they could make it. So onward to our journey - The Canyon awaits us!

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 Here I am at the top of the trail head, dressed for temperatures at the top in the upper 20's. As I quickly descend, layers of clothing come off fast.
 Not far down the trail, what seems like a small ice flow is creeping out of a hillside spring.
 The actual size! I had some hikers take my photo with the flow.
 The long trail to Indian Gardens has many switch backs, winding through the ancient rocks.
 As we near Indian Gardens, about halfway to the bottom, the Redwall Limestone cliffs tower over us. The canyon is twice as deep as what you see here, the higher cliffs we depended are beyond the edge of these cliffs.
 Coming into Indian gardens in under an hour of running. Last water stop before the bottom.
 Now the run beyond Indian Gardens to the bottom will take us thorough some of the most beautiful and rugged trails yet. This really sandy part of the trail is easy to run on. But just wait!
 We get to the river in about an hour and 20 minutes. A few hikers on their way up rest at the waters edge.
 Next we run a few miles along the bottom of the river, heading toward Silver Bridge to cross.
 Running through the "sand trap" is a dune area where your feet sink into the sand and its hard running.
 Silver bridge! Here we will run across directly over the fast flowing river on a see through grate on the bottom that makes it look like your running on the water!
 Finally, Phantom Ranch 2 hours from the top. It has been a long strenuous run, but the views are priceless.
 Sitting at the bench along the wall at the dining hall, I shot this 6 part montage covering 180 degrees to show the view.

 Heading back. Now we reverse our run and go back up hill - thousands of feet up and 11 miles to go!

Here is looking back at Silver Bridge from the trail.

 When I returned to the top, we spotted a big horn sheep on a ledge below us perched over a thousand foot drop off on a rock protrusion. How did he get there? This was with the 10D at 100mm. It was bout half this size to the eye.
 Zoom in at 400mm. The pupils of their eyes are black horizontal slits.

Camera: Sony P10 5Mp Exposure: AE Location: Grand Canyon, Az Elevation: 7200 ft. Outside Temperature: 35 F Processing: Photoshop CS2 HOME


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