Grand Canyon Rim to River to Rim Adventure January 18, 2008

Uploaded 2/22/08

 Here is the photo pictorial of our latest Grand Canyon adventures, the nearly 20 mile trip down South Kaibab trail on the south rim, down to the river, across the bottom, across the river again and up Bright Angel Trail on the same south rim. This is one of the longest hikes you can do at this time, with the north rim closed due to heavy snow until May.

We will start with shots taken the day before which includes the 3.5 hour drive up to the canyon through Flagstaff, and end up at with a spectacular sunset scene taken from the south rim the night before the hike/ run.

South Rim, The Night Before The Hike (Canon 10D DSLR) Click thumbnails below for the 1024 x 768 larger view

  The San Fransisco Peaks from across Lake Mary on the way to the Canyon
  Peaks zoom 1
  Peaks zoom 2
  Peaks zoom 3
  Sunset on the North Rim of the Canyon when we arrived was spectacular
  The last rays of light
  Mesa in the canyon with Earths shadow behind it along the horizon
  Last few golden rays zoom
  Visitors on one of the look out points watch the sunset
  Note how the earths shadow rises aligned with the setting suns edge
  Close up on the earths shadow rising.
  Best image of blue earths shadow rising behind distant butte
  Earths shadow 100mm
  The color changes inside the canyon after sunset are a sight to behold
  The Crescent moon just after sunset in the western sky

Next Morning - Down into the Canyon (Sony P10 Mini cam)

 The next morning, it was a balmy 6 degrees F, and we started down the snowy ice packed trail. We wore sharp spike like attachments on our shoes called "crampons" that allowed us safe travel over the icy terrain for the first few miles or so, until the altitude, which starts off at 7300 feet on the south rim, descends to about 1800 feet at the river. The snow level was down to about 5000 feet here at this time.

  At the top of the south rim, the sun is just coming up
  Dawn dressed for some ice cold hiking!
  Top of Kaibab trail, with about 6 inches of snow on the trail
  We were ready!
  The icy trail ahead as it drops very rapidly through the Kaibab Limestone
  On the trail looking down inside
  Large icicles starting to form on the rock ledges
  Gigantic 20 foot tall wall of icicles!
  And now you can see the full extent of the snow level, well into the Redwall Limestone.
  Coconino Sandstone vista
  Typical trail scene, it warms up pretty quickly as you descend
  Here I am coming down in the last of the ice on the trail
  Spectacular snow scenery from the trails ahead
  ONeil butte, in the Supia formation
  Dropping down through the red beds of the supai group
  Fossil trackways in the Supai are from 280 million year old reptiles
Photographing the huge mammal like reptile footprints from ancient times 
  Large detaching blocks of rock in the Supai
  Huge supai icicles
  Nearing the end of the Supai group, we head right for the top of the Redwall Limestone.
  At the top of the Redwall, Dawn turns around for the return trip, and I continue onward to the bottom.
Heading down to the bottom through the deep brick red shales of the Hakati
Dropping through the 1 billion year old Hakati shale.
Now I can see the river below from within the bottom of the Hakati Shale. 
Now in the metamorphic Vishnu Schist, the bridge I must cross is below  
  Approaching the tunnel that leads to the bridge 
Just inside the tunnel, you can see the bridge on the other side. 
After crossing the bridge, this is looking back across the Colorado River!
After passing through Bright Angel campground on the other side, you cross the creek
Crossing the creek in the middle of the bridge. 
  You then cross this bridge - Silver bridge to get back to the south side of the canyon again across the Colorado 
Heading up toward Indian gardens on the south side. 
So many waterfalls from the snow melt! 
Just before Indian gardens I spotted these deer feeding

The last shot - the last rays of the sun before I head up to the top, many thousands of feet above me. Its about a six hour hike to do the 19 mile round trip.


Camera: Canon 10D 6.3Mp or Sony P110 Exposure: AE Filters: UV Location: Grand Canyon, Az Elevation: 7300 ft. Outside Temperature: 6 F Processing: Photoshop CS HOME


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