Elk Herd, Bald Eagles, and Birds at

Lower Lake Mary, Flagstaff Area

Uploaded 2/12/06

 Here are the shots from our trip to Mormon Lake and Lower Lake Mary, an area known for its diversified wildlife from last weekend. The eagles were the primary subjects, however we found many other animals and birds to test our photographic skills on. Here are 17 images from that outing, clicking on the thumbnail will give you a 1290x960 larger image. All images 100-400mmL lens.

 A rare herd of bull elks was spotted at Mormon Lake, never before had we seen so many males together like this.
  The herd stopped and looked several times at us, then headed for the trees.
  In Lake Mary, a huge moving mass of feeding coots gave the appearance of a giant amoeba moving across the water.
  A closer view shows the white bills on the American Coots.
  While looking for the eagles, we spotted this Mountain Blue bird, perched on a bare limb.
  Juvenile Bald Eagle chasing a mature male across the lake.
  We found this lone juvenile bald eagle sitting next to the road, watching the other eagles.
  Our best shot yet of a juvenile in flight, showing the dappled patterning on the bottom of the wings.
  A large Bald Eagle sits watchfully on a bare limb as I slowly approach with that big white lens...
  Now he is looking directly at me, and sees that its time to go!
  Flight launch sequence - 1
 Flight launch sequence - 2 2
  Flight launch sequence - 3
  Flight launch sequence - 4: Away He Goes!
  I just liked the pose this one had in the tree, keeping a watchful eye on me and the other eagles.
  Just caught this one, in the distance buried in the forest.
  One of my favorites images, the pair in the tree kept their distance from each other, while the focused gaze right at me of the eagle on the right is priceless!
Camera: Canon 10D 6.3Mp Platform: Bogen Tripod Exposure: Aperture priority Filters: UV Location: Flagstaff, Az Elevation: 6800 ft. Outside Temperature: 45 F Processing: Photoshop CS HOME


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