Hawk Attacking Bald Eagle

Uploaded 6/29/03

 The most valuable camera in the world to you is the one you have with you. Such was the case on September 24, 2004 while driving home. Bald eagles are particularly rare in Arizona, and are very seldom seen. They migrate up from Mexico up to northern Arizona each year, and for a few weeks they can be seen along their migratory route. This sequence of images was taken along the Verde River along Highway 87 going north. I was parked on the bridge and had only my Sony P10, a 5 Mega pixel camera with a lowly 3x zoom. But it is very sharp, and the details were recorded well. While I was shooting, a huge hawk came out of nowhere and tried to tear the eagles head off, but the eagle deflected the attack.

Here is the full scene, with the nearly full moon behind in the sky. The eagle is in the tree top surveying the land.

   These shots are 50 percent sized crops from the original frames. The Bald Eagle sits on the tree top looking for a meal.
   It first spots the giant brown hawk off to the right and starting to circle.
   The attacker comes in from the left after circling.
   With white legs extended into attack mode, the talons are ready to grab. The Eagle prepares by fluffing up its wings.
   The Eagle survives and is still shaken moments later as the huge hawk flies off into the distance.

Camera: Sony P10 5Mp Platform: None Exposure: Auto Filters: NONE Location: Verde River, Fountain Hills, Az Elevation: 1200 ft. Outside Temperature: 15 C Processing: Photoshop CS. CS Pro HOME


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