Cactus Canyon on Highway 87

Uploaded 2/27/05

 These two shots, taken less than half an hour before sunset were acquired during my normal drive home from work, last Friday evening. The desert is VERY green right now, with the huge amount of rain we have had over the past two months. We are looking forward to the huge wildflower season that is starting to shape up.

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 So many Saguaro Cactuses, and so little time! Wide angle view of the unarmed canyon. Its raining again off to the right.

 Telephoto view (3x) of thousands of Saguaro Cactuses.

Camera: Sony P10 5Mp Platform: Handheld Exposure: Auto Filters: NONE Location: Highway 87 Bushnell Tanks Area, Az Elevation: 2500 ft. Outside Temperature: 15 C Processing: Photoshop CS HOME


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