Blue Moon Weekend

Uploaded 9/2/12

 Saturday night was the full Moon, specifically what is known as the "Blue Moon". The moon can be full twice a month, since the lunar phase period is a day or two less than a typical month. Because of this, if the full moon occurs on the 1st, it can again occur on the 29th. Back last century the Farmers Almanac marked on its calendar the first full moon of the month in red, and the second in blue. Thats why this is called the blue moon.

Saturday night we had a blue moon, the second one in August, and I was out taking a few shots of the moon and some daytime monsoon storm clouds. Here are a few of my images. The Moon shots were taken with my 12.5" Newtonian telescope and a DMK51 camera by Imaging source. The daytime monsoon clouds are from our balcony on the back of our house in Payson, and are with our old Canon 10D digital. Enjoy!

Daytime shots of Monsoon Clouds

Shots of the Blue Moon at night.  The color you see here was added by
me later for artistic effect...

Thanks for looking!