New Years Eve Snow Storm

Uploaded 12/30/12

 Eight inches of white fluffy snow came in on a big storm Sunday night, and for the most of monday, it was still coming down. As soon as it got light out, we fired up the Wrangler and four wheeled through town, over to the river with its geologic cliffs, and around town to get shots of the new snow. Here is the latest on Paysons new snow fall!

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The Wrangler in the Driveway

Backyard observatory

Both SUV's in driveway

Back of house

Down at Payson Lake, Blue Huron on shore

Shorline shot

Dawn getting camera ready on shore of lake

Shoreline shot as we walk around lake

Walking around lake

Far shore, with fisherman and our Wrangler under huge tree

Coots are the birds on the lake

Remaining fall colors on the lake

Me at "Seasons Greetings" light arch on lake shore

Now on the East Fork of the Verde River just north of Town, Cambrian Tapeats cliffs

Parked on the River

More cliffs on the River

Dawn photographs cliffs on river

White tree with snow on river

Snow on balcony when we got home

Solar telescope snow man

Camera: Canon 10D 6.3Mp Sigma 18-200 zoom Exposure: AE Filters: UV Location: Payson, Az Elevation: 5200 ft. Outside Temperature: 32 F Processing: Photoshop CS HOME