New Years Day Snow fall,

January 1, 2015

 Eleven inches of snow fell at our house last night and into this morning in an extended artic blast. Here are some photos I took this morning of all the snow in and around a few nice locations in Payson.

Above: This is what our jeep looked like at first daylight. It took half an hour to get it all shoveled and swept off.

Above: Our front yard and driveway.

Above: Looking down the street from the front of our house.

Above: icicles on the roof!

Above: Inside the living room, the picture window looking out. The window is 7 feet wide.

Above: The back balcony over looking the forest and Rim.

Above: After much effort, the jeep is ready to roll!

Above: First stop Payson Lake. It is 1.5 miles down hill from us.

Above: Payson lake. the birds are coots and canadian geese.

Above: Canadian Geese on the lake.

Above: Snow tree

Above: Parked at the lake

Above: Telephoto across the lake. We live on top of this hill but a mile furthur down.

Above: weeping pine at the lake

Above: at the bottom of the hill, the golf course

Above: Heading back home now, this is our street.

Above: finally back in the drive way!

Camera: Canon 10D 6.3Mp Sigma 18-200 zoom Exposure: AE Filters: UV Location: Payson, Az Elevation: 5200 ft. Outside Temperature: 32 F Processing: Photoshop CS HOME