Mars - The Plain Side

December 3rd, 2007 Size: 14 arcseconds

Uploaded 12/8/07

North is up in this image, more info below.
 In the diagram below, the labels indicate the albedo features. The faint white spots Nix Olympica and North Spot are actually the cloud hazes over major volcanos. On the blue image, a huge white haze occupied the right side of the equator, spanning 1/3 the disk.
Here I have labeled the more obvious features of the image using the National Geographic Mars Map as a reference. Blue Light Image
Instrument: 12.5" f/5 with 5x Powermate Barlow Platform: Astrophysics AP1200 CCD Camera: Image Source DMK 31AU03.AS Custom Scientific Filters used Exposure: RGB = 1/60:1/60:1/30s @ 15fps Location: Payson, Arizona Elevation: 5150 ft. Sky: Seeing Poor to Average, Transparency 8/10 Outside Temperature: 45F Processing: Registax, PixInsight Pro, Photoshop CS3, Focus Magic Plugin