Lunar Images with the Orion 10" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph April 18, 2016 Uploaded 4/23/16
 As the moon approached full on this evening, the sky was very clear, but a cold front was moving out and the seeing was just terrible at around 1.5 / 5. I had to throw out half the images because of poor clarity, however the images here show promising detail anyway. In all cases, the close ups were with the 10 inch and 5x Powermate Barlow and the use of the Orion IR pass filter was essential in getting the best seeing for this shaky night.
South is up in this image, more info below. Click on 1290 size for a full screen image
Here is the appearance of the moons right side on the terminator for this shooting session. Two prime focus images were combined for this panorama 1290 x 960
Plato at upper left and the long strip like Mare Frigoris is the sea in the center. The large shallow basin to the right is Herschel. 1290 x 960
The huge bay at center is Sinus Iridum, and the ring of mountains flanking is periphery is the Jura Mountains. 1290 x 960
We continue our trek southward, to the isolated mesas south of the crater Gruithuisen. The lighting on these is perfect here. 1290 x 960
Archimedes is the very bright crater above center, and to its right is the Schroters Valley. Note the half buried crater rim sticking out of the massive lava field in the center. 1290 x 960
More half buried craters in this area as we continue South. Flamsteed is the prominent small crater just below center. 1290 x 960
Gassendi is on the left and contains many internal rilles and cracks in the moons crust. 1290 x 960
This last image is near the moons south pole and is dominated by the huge crater - or more accurately - Ringed basin, Clavius. 1290 x 960
Processing: 50/1200 best frames, alignment in Autostakkert, Levels and Contrast Masking In Photoshop CS2,
Instrument: Orion (GSO) 10" f/3.9 with 5x Barlow Platform: Astrophysics AP1200 CCD Camera: Image Source DMK 51 Filter: Orion IR Pass Exposure: 1/30 sec 12fps Location: Payson, Arizona Elevation: 5150 ft. Sky: Seeing 3/5, Transparency 7/10 Outside Temperature: 35F