Edge On Spiral in Draco

Uploaded 4/2/02

A classic edge on Sc spiral, this object displays the dust lane detail and yellow coloration so splendidly seen in galaxies viewed in this aspect. NGC5907 is 11.1 magnitude, and spans a huge 13 arcminutes in length, filling the diagonal of the CCD field. I rotated the camera such that the object would fit if north was to the left here. Seeing was a bit poor, but there is plenty of detail in the dark dust filling the central region. The Wray Atlas shows a sunshine yellow spear of light, with a few blue regions in the outer arms marking stellar associations.

Instrument:  12.5" f/5 Home made Newtonian
Platform:  Astrophysics 1200 QMD
CCD Camera:  SBIG ST7E w/Enhanced Cooling
Exposure:  LRGB = 60:20:20:36 (RGB Binned 2x2)
Filters:  RGB Tricolor
Location:  Payson, Arizona
Elevation:  5150 ft.
Sky:  Seeing FMHW = 3 arcsec, Transparency 8/10
Outside Temperature:  0 C
CCD Temperature:  -35 C
Processing:  Maxim DL, Photoshop, AIP4WIN, PW Pro.




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