About the Author of this Site

The Author has been a deep sky observer and astrophotographer since the early 70's, and has designed and built many telescopes since then. My primary interests are observing and photographing deep space nebula, including galaxies, emission and reflection nebula and planetary nebula. I also have a passion for and comets, and greatly enjoy the challenge of Solar astroimaging. I currently live in Payson Arizona, at an elevation of 5150 feet in a moderately dark sky location, which is quite suitable for skyshooting. I have a backyard observatory with a homemade 12.5" f/5 Newtonian fully equipt for deep sky adventures. I also use several Astrograph cameras located at a second observatory in Happy Jack, an hours drive to the north at 7000 feet, and a host of individual lenses to capture the sky in the most suitable fashion. By day, I am an Electrical Engineer, but by night, I am free to explore new films, the latest techniques, and experiment with the latest digital processing methods. About 50 percent of our nights are perfectly clear here in Arizona, allowing many opportunities not possible in the midwest where I am originally from.